NOW – Elson committed to being a leading manufacturer
Introducing Lead Free Press Brass Fittings and Valves


Our Commitment

Elson Australasia following a public outcry is now committed to being a leading manufacturer and supplier into Australia setting a higher quality benchmark by introducing lead free Press brass fittings and valves for both water and gas products.


  • ●  Contribute to provide clean healthy drinking water in contact with lead free brass products.
  • ●  AS 4020 Materials in contact with drinking water compliance.
  • ●  Compliance to USA and European lead free brass guideline limits.
  • ●  Elson lead free brass products include: gas and water Press ball valves and fittings.

Caring for our ENVIRONMENT

  • ●  Elson lead free brass products offer an environmentally friendly advantage while still maintaining the proven product quality you expect from Elson Australasia. Our specially formulated lead-free brass alloy keeps the other properties you expect from brass the same.
  • ●   Lead free brass can be recycled maintaining the environmental benefits.